pokemoncats (pokecats) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update + Gets + ISO...

Hey everyone! Just want to show my latest gets. They're primarily Eeveelution (<3 Glaceon) but there's also Absol too. And all comm gets. :) I been after the Glaceon tumbler cup for ages and happy to finally have one :D (eventually would love to have a Flareon one too). Same can be said for the Umbreon chou figure too! Actually have a couple other minor Leafeon and Vulpix gets arriving in the mail any day now... but anyway many thanks to absol, bishoujohenshin, and rypeltajaroll!

On another note...I am seeking out a Lapras DX Tomy vinyl figure. Anyone here who can help me out? hehe. I am actually willing to pay a pretty penny for one. :)

Now onto the pictures... (click image to see larger)

My computer desk display featuring the additions of the Arcanine zukan and Umbreon 3DS stylus

Absol has moved into the spot formally held by my Houndour DX Tomy figure

I think my MPC Glaceon looks cute inside the cup lol...

Moved Houndour to one of my DVD shelves

Hope everyone is having a good day and thanks for reading!
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