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Many Exciting Gets!!! :D

Hey there everybody! :D

So, I went to ColossalCon yesterday, and ended up with wuite a few new gets to share between the con, and the past three mail days :)

Pictures under the cut! ^-^
(Warning, I took a selfie with one of my gets below)

First off are my Dealer's Room gets-

Chupas! ^-^
I pulled Panchan and Mega Manectric! :D
Pretty happy with Manectric! :D
The suction-cup Pancham is a Korean figure that came in a yellow pokeball, but it was official! :D

Clear Milotic, Xatu, and Heart Spot Spinda were from a dealer, who had these for pretty dang cheap! I already had a normal milotic, but when I saw the clear for $2, I had to grab it! Heart spot is going in my shiny/variant pokemon collection :3
Swellow and Snorunt are from our very own kuitsuko, who I was able to meet at the Otaku Flea Market! :D

I also got this awesome guy from Kuitsuko in the mail as a trade-

Shiny infernape kid!!! :D
This is a shiny kid I've seen only once or twice, but always in lots, so I was so ecstatic when she offered me hers! :D

Next up, my trade with bulbybulbasaur! :D

He's so widdle!!! ^o^
Thanks so much! :D

My first pokedoll in months, courtesy of nicolarbear-

Yay for Lickylicky! :D
I have a soft spot for Sinnoh Pokemon, so I was so geeked when I saw him in her sales! The words "Smol", and "Blerp" come to mind when I see him ^-^

And last, but certainly not least, my biggest get ever!

A 22 inch Charmander PBP!!! :D
I had the Twelve inch one as a kid, but Iit fell apart, and leaked Styrofoam everywhere, so my parents threw it out :'/
I forgot about it until I started collecting again, and I REALLY wanted another twelve incher, but when I saw this guy lying on a table in the flea market, MWT for very cheap, I snatched him up! He's in great shape too! He has a scuff on each eye, but his tag is mint, and his Styrofoam is still firm and good! He's officially the largest pokemon I own! :D

Selfie for size comparison- I was holding him next to me, and he has a bigger head than me! XD

That's everything for now! :D
I have a grail on the way, so I'll post about that when they arrive! :D
I'm always looking for shiny kids, as always, so hit me up if you have some to sell/trade! :)

Thanks for reading! ^-^

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