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Updated sales post (last updated 4/22/17)

Hello community! I recently moved to new home with not much of a closet space..so I thought I'd have to say goodbye to some plushes. So here we go!

[Spoiler (click to open)]
**Sales Policy
-Sales permission granted by areica96 on May 26th, 2016
-Here is my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/leangk/
-I will not sell to banned members of the community. Community rules apply
-Please leave me feedback after transaction.
-Open to questions and inquiries! Ask me if you need any answers.
-Open to reasonable negotiations or haggling but please do not take it personally if I refuse your request.
-All sales final. No returns please.

**Payment Policy
-Prices are in $USD and does not include shipping/Paypal fees.
-Payment through Paypal ONLY, please send payments to: leanghirith@gmail.com
-Please pay within 3 days after commitment of the items.

**Shipping Policy
-Items I will be selling comes from smoke-free, pet-free environment.
-Shipping from USA using USPS. Prefer shipping within US (Can sell overseas but please remember international shipping is costly)
-Proof of shipment and or tracking will be provided.
-I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages after I have sent items via post office.
-I have busy weekdays, but I will try to send any items within 2-3 business days (when local USPS office is open). I really appreciate your patience!

I have read the sales permission rules, confirm my application meets the minimum requirements, and have turned my LJ notifications on to receive a response by email.

*Shiny metagross plush (Japan) $40/ tag detached

*Mega absol plush (US) $15/ tag detached

*Mega tokyo pikachu (Japan) $30/ tag attached

*Umbreon plush (US) $10/ lost the tag

*Small plushes (absol, arcanine, fennekin, ampharos(w/o tag))-$3 each, ampharos $2

*Every item I have above came from reliable sources:
either community selling/pokemoncenter.com/hobby_japan(ebay)
*Plushes were only used for displays

Feel free to ask any questions! Thank you for reading :D
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