zudosmash (zudosmash) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi there!

Hey all!

I've been apart of this group for quite a while, but have been inactive for quite some time due to personal things.

I recently sold a Venusaur Canvas plush on eBay, and one of your super awesome members encouraged me to come on here and introduce myself to the community. She was really nice, and she collected primarily Bublasaur merch!

I have a ton of stuff for sale at the moment as I am moving soon, but read over the rules for sales permission and I don't think I'd qualify yet as I haven't done any transactions on this group yet and haven't been very active in posting.

I have flawless eBay feedback, but nonetheless it's good to meet all of you!
I collect Gen 1 Kanto merch, and Digimon plushes as well!
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