drzoidburger (drzoidburger) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Abra Pokedoll for Trade!


As I no longer collect abra, I have decided to part with my custom abra pokedoll.

I have no sales permission, so selling him is NOT AN OPTION  sorry!

Here are pics of him in the cut, about pokedoll size , made by higginstuff (now scragster)  :)

Not looking for anything in particular, well, I am really looking for the Heartland Tomy Munchlax but I highly doubt someone has that for trade, anyways I paid $100~ for him awhile back, so *hoping* to get about that in trade value but im open to anything really.

I might be willing to ship outside usa if can add a little more trade items to make up for international shipping cost, but I'd really prefer to stay in the USA. But dont be afraid if your outside usa though :)

Again, I cannot sell as I dont have sales perm, so I can ONLY TRADE!

Thanks, help him find a home! :)
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