Arboking (chromapika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Welcome to my Pokéroom o/

Hi everyone!
I've recently created two more spaces in my bedroom. Thus I took some pictures and wanted to share them with you. Here is a little preview :)

But before, let's see two little gets!

First, Ash's Greninja!

I'm just in love with this design. I've always liked Froakie line but this form is simply awesome <3

And then, I finally found the Snivy from Pokémon Center Tohoku!
So the set is now complete o/

The customization is rather simple but they are nice though. And I really like Pikachu face :3

Also I decided to take pictures of the other two trios.

Pokémon Center Osaka with cute bow ties :3

Pokémon Center Fukuoka with traditional accessories from the city festival.

As these plushies were released during the B&W era, they highlighted the Unova Starters. So I made a picture with all three together :)

I really appreciate that kind of plush and wish they made more like this. Although I'm fine with the Pikachu Poncho ones, I think they are unfortunately less connected to the city they represent :/

And now let me show you my Pokéroom ^^

First, the entrance.

We have a part of the Water Type space, the Eeveelutions and a few monkeys :)

In the background, we have the figures showcases and at the top the first new space: the "Pets" (cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets,...foxes and lions ^^)

Beside you have the Dark side which is unfortunately not built yet :(

And down, the Snorlax are resting on a mini sofa ^^

Then we have the part under my bed and ladder with the Substitute, Wobbuffet, Jirachi, Flying, Fairy/Pink (inside the cabinet) and the second new space: the Dragons!

My desk with my lovely big golden karp ^^

So you can see the other part of the Water plushies.

And finally what I see from my desk: the Grass "tree" and the Pokédolls showcase (with also the Shiny Pokémon plushies <3)

Just above you have the Pikachus with Poncho and the Eevees are above the door.

That's it!
I'm really happy to have now most of my plush collection out of boxes \o/
The next steps are Dark/Ghost side and Pikachus!

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed :)

Tags: collection, greninja, snivy
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