mothsicles (mothsicles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Chrizard Update! (up to 73 Zards!)

Hello all, I just have a small Charizard Collection update!! Click below the cut to see! <3

I recently went to some conventions and found some super rad Charizard items!! The first one is featured in the new update banner above.. its a Charizard bandana! I just took a lose up of it for the design to show. You can buy one yourself on the creators Etsy too!!

The item I am most stoked about getting is this large Charizard Night plush!! I have been wanting this guy for forever and I caved and bought one when I unexpectedly saw one at an anime convention! This guy is huge ahh!!

The last item I got is just a pokemon cup from Walmart, it had the first gen starters and their evos on it and with Charizard being the center of attention there I had to get it!! I use it all the time <3

Well, thats it for my little collection update! I would like to announce that my Charizard collection is now at 73 items total!! Lots of progress this year since I started off with just 15 items when I started (less than a year ago)! I couldnt have gotten this far without you LJ users ahah!

I hope you all have a lovely day!


Tags: charizard
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