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Long Overdue Collection Updates & Small Want

Hey everyone. I haven't updated my collection in forever and felt it was long overdue. My Gengar collection has really improved since the last time I posted, and my Pokédoll collection has improved even more than the Gengar collection!

My Gengar collection really only had Tomys and some Kid Figures until I found out about this LiveJournal. Now I have some custom made items and some Gengar items I hadn't even known about.

I was so stoked when I found out there was the Pokken Tournament Gengar. It looks so amazing sinking into the ground like that. Very creepy. Very cool. I also love the erasers of Gengar I'm finding.

Here I also found the boxed version of the Shadow Ball Gengar Kid Figure which is awesome and some more amazing Gengar items including custom made ones too.

As for my Pokédoll collection, I haven't updated since I got my Rotom Wash MWT Pokédoll which was like a year ago at this point xD SO I have some updating with this ti do. I did my best to make a cool little shot with all of my Pokédolls in it haha.

I even started to collect more of the Pokémon Adventure Manga. I had books 1-7 but started collecting them all. I'm still behind since I'm not caught up with the readings, but hopefully soon I should be caught up with what's for sale now.

I was also freaking out on Pokémon's 20th Aniv. when I went to Nintendo NY and found this little guy (don't mind the dust in the picture xD I need to clean)

Finally, my little want update would be any of the color varients of the Gengar Erasers that I don't already have. There is a light blue/teal one I had when I was a kid and loved it... but also used it AS an eraser, and that is the one I'm looking for most, but I am looking for all the colors I don't have (I believe there is a Pink one, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, and maybe Light Purple also).

I do just have to thank everyone on this site for all the help and support. Many of these things I only got thanks to the members here, so thank you again.
Tags: gengar, pokedoll
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