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5 years of collecting! And custom plush too!

It's been 5 long years since I joined pkmncollectors, and 5 years since I began a crazy journey to obsessively collect all the pokemon I adored. I've collected so many different pokemon over 5 years, and have also quit collecting a lot of pokemon over 5 years, however I do still have so many favorites and I'm so happy with my collection right now (atleast, until gen 7 rolls along). SO I thought I would do an anniversary post, with introduction!

I'm called Herar! I'm 24 years old, from Michigan, and I'm a textile artist. My main collection is Groudon, and has been basically since I got here. I'm pretty sure I have the largest Groudon collection ~ever~ and I collect both of his forms! (Bless GameFreak for his primal form!!!) I also collect Klefki, Vanillite Line, Quilladin/Chesnaught (but not Chespin), Pirouette Meloetta, and Pikachus in cute outfits. (I also plan to collect Magiana in the future, lord knows where I will put her ;;)

Without further ado, my collection!

My entire collection! ;; It's floor to ceiling, nearly wall-to-wall madness in my room.
Let's take a closer look~

First up, my giant pika! When pokemoncenter.com added the 40" pikachu i knew that I was going to own it immediately. He's not exactly dressed up, but I crocheted him a nice bow so he's pretty cute now. <3

Groudon boards. Mamachu is kinda covering them, but I put all my big flats here so they can be displayed all nice.
(I also have the giant primal groudon wall sticker rolled up there in the corner cause idk where to put it ;;)

Just above is my mascotchu collection! No idea what possessed me to collect BOTH sizes, but the mascots have lots of nice exclusive ones ;;

Bags and stuff!

And now, my pride and joy, Big Daddy groudon!!
He was made by an incredibly talented artist a few years ago and I adore him so much, easily my favorite item I own.
Also have so many other random things (like shirts, blankets, etc) up here too cause idk where to put them |D;;

On the other side, some more big stuff! I made the giant Vanillite and Vanilluxe, as well as the Vanillite line blanket that Vani is sitting on ;;
Raichu, what are you doing there??

I own all of his official plush! and lots of nice customs too. <3

This used to be about 4 shelves so it's pretty cluttered here.
But groudon has gotten so much really awesome merch and I'm glad I own probably like 90% of it. XD

Primal groudon plush too (and some regular customs I didn't know where else to put ahh)

Primal shelves are definitely cluttered too, they used to be 3 shelves but I recently moved stuff to sacrifice more space for Pikachu.

and here's my pikachu! I feel lucky and also unlucky that he's gotten so many nice looking plush this past year.
A part of my hates myself for putting me through this but I couldn't resist him any longer. ;;
The bottom shelf is still being filled!

Quilladin/Chesnaught (and one Chespin!)
I love these 2 but they don't seemed too well liked by most people (well, as is with most of the pokemon i collect)

Klefki shelf! I was super fortunate (and maybe alittle unfortunate) That he was featured in the movie short, so he got lots of nice movie merch. I also have so many great custom merch from lots of amazing artists (I need to make one too!)

Meloetta is another great example of a movie pokemon. Unfortunately she hasn't gotten much after this, nor do I have much of custom merch for her. I really want to change that!

And finally, ice cream shelves! Vanillite has a bunch of nice official merch, but I also have a ton of custom merch from so many great artists (and from myself too!)

Thank you all so much for looking! I hope to be here so much longer and can't wait to see what the next year brings me. <3

And one last thing, I have been really trying to be more confident in my plush work (Mostly cause I don't do it cause I'm too scared) and have been doing a bunch of things lately so I really wanted to share! 2 of these are also featured in my collection. <3

Vanillish! This is my first Vanillish and my second time using minky. I modeled him after his MPC plush but tried a few things on my own. ;;

And oversized Groudon kuttari! I was super stressed when making this, it took me 3 days (which, honestly it 2.5 days too long) but overall I am so happy with the final result. He's almost exactly what I wanted him to look like. He's also filled with beans so he's floppy. ;;

I also made a Rotom dex plush! He's not exactly how I wanted him, but he's still cute! I will be tweaking his pattern a bit more next time and will be selling a few once I get some more fabric.

thanks for reading!
Tags: chesnaught, groudon, klefki, meloetta, pikachu, quilladin, rotom, vanillish, vanillite, vanilluxe
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