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Heavy box, small gets

I ordered almost 10 kilograms of Pokemon toys. Why? Click the cut to see! :D

I've seen set of some rare Trio figures there. To be extact: Entei figure, part of Suicune ribbon and Raikou legs. I put a high bid and was hoping that these figures will be complete and undamaged.
The auction ended in December. At this time I hadn't funds to send it to me. I was able to pay in March and I've chosen the cheapest shipping method - seamail. After almost half of a year the package arrived and I can check if the figures are complete :D

And I was lucky, they are :D

Pokemon models 2000. I always thought these figures are made of some hard plastic, but they are made of rubber. Unfortunately they didn't come with their eyes stickers; previous owner painted their eyes :( Otherwise they are in very good condition considering their age. Parts of these figures tend to get lost; I've seen Suicune on auctions multiple times, but it always had its ribbons missing.
(And I finally was able to get Entei, I lost him six times before!)

And then the sorting began!

Seriously, digging through that box was like an adventure :D

In the lot I found many cool items, but I decided to keep only a few of them:

Also, bonus, that was the sweetest get ever (literally):

20 years old candy xD

Extras from that lot are available in my sales post here:

(sales permission granted on 26/05/16 by areica96)

I added some new items!
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