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Plush Get! And the Mystery of the Faded Cards!

Hello, everyone! I'm back again with a brand new plush!

The lovely ferix8 here on LJ sold me their Super DX Sylveon plush! (Thank you!)

Here it is compared to the Theater plush. So tiny! But don't be fooled. The Theater plush is actually really big.

That's it for my get now on to the mystery!

A while back, the Fates Collide set was released. I adore Pokemon cards and am an avid collector (nearly 2,000 unique cards!) so I was eager to grab a few packs. So I went to the local Walmart and grabbed a few booster packs. Everything seemed fine and dandy until I opened the pack and what did I find?

Strangely enough, I found partially faded cards! Right out of the pack! It was so shocking, I thought for a moment that I had somehow picked up a package of bootleg cards. I've bought a lot of Pokemon cards in my time. A LOT. And this is the first time something like this has ever happened!

Normal on the left. Faded on the right.

Very faded Riolu. No normal comparison though, sorry!

It's not just these two. I have four other cards that were faded, but these two were the worst of the bunch by far. The other booster pack I picked up didn't have a problem at all so I have to wonder: did I accidentally buy a package of mistake cards? If you look at the Riolu, it looks as if something had brushed up against it while it was still damp and just lifted the ink off.

I've bought thousands of cards, but this is definitely a first. Has anyone else experienced this? Are these cards ruined or does anyone see these as being some sort of valuable? They were all common cards so it's not like they were worth much to begin with... But still. Thoughts?
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