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Eevee collection

Hey everyone! So, relatively recently, fdarkly posted group shots of all of her Eevee plushes. That sparked my own interest in how many I have come to own since I found the pkmcollectors in December of last year. I used to only own the US eevee pokedoll from the U.S online store before it shut down, and my first eevee, a hasbro from around 1999 I think? Poor thing survived a dog attack, and she herself is fine, but her tag got a bite taken out of it. XD I was pleasantly surprised to find I have 52 different eevee plushes/pillows/cushions! (Doubles are not counted) Who do I have? Lets find out!

This is the first batch I put together and consists of most of my pillows/cushions.
Batch 1.jpg

Back row has the eevee egg cushion from this years easter promo, the sitting full body eevee from the I Love Eevee campaign, eevee cushions by banpresto released this year in March if I remember correctly, Takatary Tomy Eevee released in December of 2015, and the talky eevee. Front row has the eevee face cushion from the I love Eevee promo, sleepy eevee from the Eevee Twinkle Dream Kuji in april (with a kawaii eevee sitting on her back), both I love eevee plush pass cases, and one of the two 1:1 eevees I own (I have both releases, but I count them as one.) I just love how happy the cushions are. I like to throw them on my bed and chairs because its like the furniture is happy to see! So far, we have a count of 12 eevees.

After I was done photographing everyone, I realized I had missed someone. I have it in the closet for protection because of how much I love it, and I wanted to have it when the eevee twinkle dream kuji came out. So, who is that special eevee?

sleepy vee set.jpg
The sleeping eevee promo pillow from 2012! Don't the two of them look adorable together? <3

The second batch:
Batch 2.jpg

This batch is a bit more crowded, so I wont list everyone... but I was pretty happy at the size of the DX kororin eevee and I hope they do more of that size. (Large eevee in bottom row middle) I really love my HQ laying eevee, and got two so I can snuggle with one and keep the other nice. (Located on top of kororin DX eevee). And that little eevee all the way to the right with the bracelet collar is my very first eevee! My parents had surprised me with her on Christmas and my cousins sent me that bracelet. Not being a big bracelet person, I put it on my little eevee.... and its been her collar ever since! This batch contains 20 different eevees... we are up to 33 now!

3rd batch:

This batch has some special eevees in it. (Dont mind the sylveon, shes there because she has an eevee with her!) I had just found the community and had learned of the christmas eevee and HAD to have it. Looking all over ebay, I managed to find a seller who was selling it for around $15 dollars. I clicked buy it now, and I have never regretted it! She is just gorgeous and I just adore her little coat and bell... she has become the leader of all my eevees, and she is fiesty! ^_- I also have my eevee pokedoll from the old US online store here, she has a bow on her head because she normally hangs on the "wall of eevee butts". Why is it the wall of eevee butts? The eevees hang in rows across just about the whole wall. That wall also has the head of my bed and they hang right over my pillows. So every night, I go to sleep under the comforting view of eevee butts. XD This batch contains 12 eevees, so our total is now 45!

This last batch contains eevees that are hard to get down, or otherwise got missed or do not have a permanent place yet. So its collage time!

Everybody except the pokemon time eevee hang somewhere in my room(s). (Backpack eevee is in my space adjacent to my bedroom) The two eevees in the top middle there are part of my "eevee line" above my computer. I plan on showing it once I get my room finalized more, and who knows when THAT will be! XD This batch contains 7 eevees, which brings my final total to 52! I never thought I would EVER have that many eevees, and I have several of the other eeveelutions as well! This community has educated me so much on different types of merchandise and where to find it that I really have enjoyed taking up the hunt for the many types of eevee. Once I save up some money, I plan on making the number grow again... watch out fdarkly! I will beat your 55 before long. ah ha ha ha.

I have enjoyed reading and exploring everyone's posts, and I hope my post has been entertaining and possibly educational for certain eevee items. If you have any questions on any of the eevees here, don't be afraid to leave a comment!

I also have several Pokemon items for sale at my store, Blues Adoption House. Its a store run by eevees who help rehouse poor pokemon who need new homes. Stop by and see if we have your new pokemon friend just waiting for you. =) Thanks for reading everyone!
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