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Grail Gets

Hey there everybody! :D

So, today I have had an absolutely AMAZING day! :D

First off, I won a rare shiny kid this morning (not saying which one), for the starting bid, and it was super surprised I won it!
Then I went to work (I work at a Humane society) and was able to adopt a pair of Society Finches, so that was fun ^-^

Then the mail arrived, and a package I was waiting for finally arrived! :D
Pictures below the cut :3


I see them! :D
So small though O.o

Do you know what they are yet? :D

Shiny Latias, Turtwig, and Torchic kids!!!! :D
They were in a lot of Y!J, pointed out to me by my AMAZING friend hellgarr, and I can't thank her enough!
I've losy SO MANY shiny latias since I started collecting hardcore, and I won with no competition!!! :D
I literally barely slept the night before the auction ended, I was so anxious to win ;-;
They also took WAY longer to get here than they should have, so that worried me, but they arrived safe and sound! ^-^

Here's a shot with my Shiny Latios :D

Duo reunited! ^-^

I was so glad to win this lot! :D
I have the other shiny torchic pose, as well as shiny combusken and blaziken, so it was great to complete the set, as well as finally getting a turtwig! I'm a huge gen 4 fan! ^-^

Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you all have amazing days! ^-^
Once again, my sales are always open on my journal, and I am always after shiny kids! :D

Happy Collecting Everybody! :D

~ Ebon
Tags: collection, collection update, gets, kids, latias, latios, torchic, turtwig
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