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Updated Sales & wants

Click banner or link to be transported. Rules & whatnot over there
Got tons of things such as flats, retsuden stamps, tomys, and more.

Some people who requested a tag;
pokecats , starlightfoxes , clicky797
I apologize if I missed anyone.

Altered Giratina Mini UFO strap (high priority)

Silver normal pose chou get. I lost the auction for this guy by $1 the other day and haven't found it in a single set online. (high priority)

Pearly altered Giratina BP strap (medium priority)

Ghost plate Arceus and the 2015 release matte arceus tomy

PC promo strap

Clear Arceus strap. Really any clear ones. I love clear figures

Arceus lanyard (i prefer just the figure but the lanyard is okay)

Arceus pokdoll. Kinda prefer without tag bc I don't want to pay ~too~ much for it. It's the last one I need to complete my pokedoll set.

Also, has anyone experienced this fiasco before? Literally none of those towns are near mine. It's been going in circles for days. I really don't want them to be delivered to the wrong address. Just give me my Arceus plush pls.

I was laughing about it on twitter and edited a stupid meme just for it.

I will be updating my collection site tomorrow. I've decided to fully let go of my Dialga/Palkia collection with the exception of the plush and select figures. I'm not actively collecting them anymore, and they're just taking up space I can be using for my main collection. I plan to sort through everything this weekend and update my sales then.

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