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Charm Group Buy?

So after exams, I thought I’d treat myself and buy some stuff from the Japanese online Pokémon center. Seeing as they’ve put up literally all the charms, I decided why not do a group buy?

How many payments? 2. (One for the item) + (one for shipping to me+ shipping to you)
Can I order other things? CHARMS ONLY!! Non flats are tough to get out of Australia. If you’re within Australia however, we can definitely work something out.
Where can I see the charms? Here!
How many slots are there? How much can I order on a slot? I’ll be opening 10 slots. You can order as many charms as you like, within reason of course.
How long will it take to get to you/me? After the order is placed, it’ll take anywhere between two to three weeks to get to me. Then, depending on where you are in the world, another two weeks.
Are prices in Yen, USD or AUD? Payment 1 is in Yen. Payment 2 is in USD (Australian buyers are free to pay me in AUD, just lemme know in advance)
How do we pay? Paypal only!
Where can you ship? Worldwide since these are only flats! Default shipping is in a bubblemailer via airmail.
When will you close orders? When the slots fill up, or by 20/6/16

Sales permission granted in April, 2012 by entirelycliched!
Feedback is here!

1) serpifeu : 1 Set Sentret line : Germany : 161円 after pp fees Shipping: (0.50+3.00) =  $3.94 after pp fees
2) scragster : 1 Spinda Charm, 1 set Spearow Line : USA : 472円 after pp fees Shipping: (1+3) = $4.46 after pp fees
3) scarity : 1 set Tyrunt Line, 1 set Vulpix Line, 1 set Mega Slowbro : Belgium: 1 091円 after pp fees Shipping: (1.5+3) = $4.98 after pp fees
4) deranged_girl : 1 set Bulbasaur Line, 1 set Charmander line, 1 set Squirtle Line, 1 set Tepig Line :  Canada: 1 798 after pp fees Shipping: (2+3) = $5.50 after pp fees
5) lupineradiance : 1 Set cyndaquil Line, 2 set Unknown : USA : 632円 after pp fees Shipping: (1.5+3)= $4.98 after pp fees
6) muttmix : 1 Set Gastly Line, 1 set Cyndaquil line,  1 set Gible line, 1 set Feebas Line, 1 set Pumpkaboo Line, 1 set Tyrunt Line : USA : 2 592円 after pp fees Shipping: (3+3)=  $6.54 after pp fees
7) violetcyrene : 1 set Ditto, 1 set Mew, 1 set Entei, 1 set Terrakion, 1 set Misdreavus line, 1 set charmander line, 1 set deoxys line : Finland : 2 290 after pp fees Shipping: (3.5+3) = $6.50 = $7.06 after pp fees
8) handmadehail : 1 set squirtle line, 1 set kekleon, 1 set regirock, 1 set regice, 1 set registeel, 1 set regigigas, 1 set goomy line, 1 set magikarp line : USA : 1 933円 after pp fees Shipping: (4+5) = $9 = $9.66 after pp fees
9) geminiantiger : 3 sets Porygon line, 3 sets Rotom line, 3 sets vanillite line, 1 set cranios line, 1 set ditto, 1 set sandile line: Canada : 6145円 after pp fees Shipping: (6+10) = $16.94 after pp fees

UPDATE 27/6/16: Shipping paid! The Charms are en route to me!

Update 5/7/16: The Charms have arrived!!

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