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Palkia and Dialga Banpresto DX Figures Up on eBay

Hey everyone,

Sorry to post again after a just a few days but I just got word that we need to make room for some stuff coming in and I am now auctioning off my Dialga and Palkia Banpresto DX Vinyl Figures from my sales post on eBay. I just can no longer keep these guys in my house for an extended period of time so they need to go ASAP. These guys are pretty much in brand new condition and untouched. A slight exception to that is Dialga, which I opened the box, then taped back up. Everything is still in its packaging.


The link to the auction is below.


This auction will end at 5:30 PM Eastern time.

I fiddled around with the listing for a while, and I put it up on eBay a few months ago, so I'm guessing some of you might have seen the listing already when it was listed at a fixed price.

If any of you guys are super interested in this item and want to commit to it, you can grab it from my sales post for $37 before any one bids and I'll take down the listing. Or you can bid on eBay for the start price of $30 and hope no one else bids on it ;)

Please, take a look if you're interested. Thanks so much!

P.S. To make this post more interesting, I'd like to know what the Pokemon Center stores are like in Japan (including Mega Tokyo, but also other ones). How much stuff do they have? How much English do they speak? (I don't know any Japanese.) I'm really, really looking forward to hitting them up when I travel there in two months and any information you have on them would be much appreciated :) I've seen some of the posts from people who were there last year but you can never go wrong with multiple perspectives.
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