steelfangs (steelfangs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello...Again! :'D

I'm an old member here but still lurk pretty frequently, I just thought I'd share some of my collection and re-introduce myself.

SteelFangs is my old username but I still use it on my collection sites since many have come to recognize it, my new username is FlickaBee everywhere else! I collect Pokemon, Ginga Densetsu Weed/Nagareboshi Gin, Wolf's Rain (but have 'retired' this, I'm happy with what I have!) and digital designs or closed species (deviantart thing). As the years go on I become more and more particular about what I collect, I definetly consider myself picky, elitist even, but this makes me happy because I only get what I absolutely love making me too happy with what I have to let go of it (for at least a good while anyway!). The only thing is because of my pickiness my collection is pretty small compared to most but I don't mind. :'D I focus on the canines with growlithe/arcanine, raikou, and furfrou being my main loves. ~ <3

Anywho here's some of my collection (that's not in storage)...



My main little display area where I keep my favorites are here!

The right side!

And the left!


And here's my board with my keychains and a puzzle with arcanine!

Very sweet and to the point but I hope to rearrange things and get more things out of storage to display!

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