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TeenieMon Sculpture Commissions OPEN

Hello everyone!! I am in need of some extra finances recently.. studying to be an elementary school teacher and having to buy your own classroom supplies really sucks the funds from you... SO! I am open for 2 slots for custom TeenieMon sculptures!

Here are some examples on what they look like, look under the cut to enlarge them and to see prices!!


The two Pokemon above are some examples of my TeenieMon sculptures! They stand at about 4-6 inches (height depends on the Pokemon created) and come with a base!

All sculptures are simplified versions of Pokemon (usually a more 'chibi' shape with cute expressions). The bases' style and pose of the Pokemon itself is all up to the buyer! The two above are attached to the bases but I can make them attached or removable depending on what the buyer wants.


Simple Pokemon are $30 plus shipping

Examples of simple Pokemon are: Caterpie, Bidoof, Gengar, Duskull, ect

Average Pokemon are $45 plus shipping

Examples of average Pokemon are: Typhlosion, Wartortle, and the two examples above Charizard and Ampharos, ect

Complex Pokemon are $50+ (price can rise the more colors and details the Pokemon has, but NOTE that because these are simplified some Pokemon might not be possible to make.. dont be scared to ask if I can make what you like! I dont bite)

Examples of complex Pokemon that would be $50+: Blastoise, Venusaur, Nidoqueen, Ninetails, ect


I got sales permission from areica96 on 5/27/2016
Link to my feedback:
-I ship from the United States (GA)
-Sculptures are fragile so insurance and fragile packaging precautions will make shipping a little more. Shipping costs can be discussed once you have gotten a slot!
-I ship using USPS. All orders have a tracking number! I will ship internationally but any orders outside of the USA will have higher shipping.
-I have dogs and parrots in the house but they don’t touch the merch.. keep this in mind if you have allergies!
-After you commit to a slot you have 48 hours to send the payment via PayPal.. buyer is responsible for Paypal fees!
-I do not accept payment plans for orders of $50 or under.. if your order goes over that amount then we can work one out if need be!
-I will not accept trades for customs!


Comment below telling me what Pokemon you would like made!
I will let you know what price that Pokemon falls under and if you are okay with the price assigned to your Pokemon then you will let me know. Say something like.. "Ill take a slot!" Then the rest of the order information will be discussed in PMs!

This is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, the first two people who commit to the slots get the slots.

Slot 1: OPEN
Slot 2: OPEN

I look forward to working with you!! If anyone has any questions then feel free to ask below <3


Extra examples of my work that arent TeenieMon:

Tags: ampharos, charizard, custom
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