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Japan funds 3 day plush sales :)

Hi comm! ♡ My posts are becoming further and further apart but this summer marks my 4th anniversary with the community so expect a collection showcase later~ ♡ :D

Today I have some plush sales for you to try to make some extra money for my Japan trip! :D I leave on Wednesday so I'll close the sales post on Tuesday evening (~mid-day US time), but I'm not really worried I'll have many customers bc of shipping prices ^^ But if anyone wants to take a look I'd be super thankful! ♡ I was planning on doing a big sales post but I ran out of time and decided to do plush now and update with smaller stuffs when I get back! I hope some of the plush might be interesting to some however :)

Sales preview!
I received sales permission by entirelycliched 27/7/13.
My feedback can be found here
- I have a dog who sheds quite a bit so these are probably not allergen free even if most have not been displayed
- I ship from Norway which is an expensive affair, please see shipping price estimates under each item description for shipping quotes (or ask if you want several plushies ^^)
- Please note that shipping prices are guiding and not 100% set. I might have miscalculated the sizes so shipping prices might fall into one of two shipping price classes below. You might of course back out without any consequences if it becomes more expensive than anticipated bc of my mistake :)
- Commitment takes priority
- Feel free to haggle, especially on more expensive items. I can't guarantee I'll go down on them, but try me :D If somebody commits to the full price they get it however
- If this ends up getting more attention that expected I might have to get back to you after a weeks time when I'm back if that's ok!
- All orders have to be paid before Tuesday mid day US central time unless I can't process all the inquiries by Tuesday, then you can of course wait to send payment or I'll refund you if you did and you can pay again later if you want to. Any plush you've comitted to will be put on hold during that week I'm away :)
- This scenario is unlikely but I hope it's ok for me to bring it up just in case

Japan PC Vulpix: $15 (the stitching of the tail to the body is rather loose) Ninetales: $25
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

Fennekin Pokepalre plush: $20 each
Espurr WANTED!!! plush: $25 SOLD
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

Raichu canvas: $40
Sylveon pokedoll (tush tag only): $7 SOLD
Espurr pokedoll: $16
Latias petit: $8
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8 for Latias $11/$13 for the rest)

Vaporeon Tomy plushies (JP release): $18 each
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

DX Banpresto plush: $17 each
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

Small Banpresto I ♡ Eevee plushies: $12
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

I ♡ Eevee Banpresto keychains: Vaporeon (hang tag): $9
The rest are TTO and $5
Sold: Umbreon, Eevee, Leafeon
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8)

Korotto manmaru plushies: $12
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

Trick pose plushies: $7 each
Sold: Flareon
Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8

Vulpix folly lolly beanie: $40
(Eu/Intl. shipping: $11/$13)

Eeveelution kuttari (JP version): $14 each
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8)

Pokemon time Umbreon & Espeon mascots: $9 each
(Eu./Intl. shipping: $6/$7.8)

All except Absol: free with purchase
Thanks so much for looking ^^ I'll check back for comments when I wake up! :)
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