pikazard (pikasang) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Most recent get + sales :]

Hey peeps! How is everyone enjoying the heat this summer so far? Haha I know I'm not xD

Just wanted to share my most recent get!

Tadaaaaaaa! It's the 20th anniv 3ds xD I sold my 3ds a while back and really missed it and I knew I had to get one again for sun and moon! (Sun fan right here xD Solgaleo tho @-@)

Feel free to check it out :DDD

Click on the pic to be transported to my sales post or click on the link below!

- Sales permission was granted by areica96 on May 26, 2016
- My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pikasang/

Thank you everyone for reading! And I hope your having a nice summer so far! <3
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