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Collection Update/reintro post

Hello everyone! I'm Blueringumbreon, Holly Irl. I'm 30 years old (yes, some of us old people still collect toys, LOL) and Live in the United States in Missouri. I used to post a lot more here, but lately I've just been buying, and I've posted a few sales here and there. Anyway, I collect Umbreon, Tomy figures, and Chandelure, most recently. I've been putting off a collection update mainly because my collections have become so large that taking pictures is quite a chore! Anyway Enough about me and on to my collections!

My collection has grown quite a bit, partially thanks to a lot of great members here who have posted sales. I apologize for not tagging you all, it's hard to keep track, but thank you to everyone here who have sold to me, my collection wouldn't be where it is now without you!

Be Warned! There are lots of really large photos under the cut. I'm posting with an iPad, and there's no real easy way to resize images with this thing!

Click photos to see larger versions.

First, I'm proud to say I have obtained one of every official Umbreon plush, save for a few slight variations, such as the American version Pokemon center plush, minky pokedoll, different year releases, etc... You may notice a few customs in the group. I'll get to those later in the post! My cat insisted on being in the photo (she thinks she's one of them)

Now on to my figures and straps/key chains. I have a lot, but it's not quite complete,

A few things I forgot, also, the beautiful mystery mansion pocket watch!

Customs! I am so happy to have these! The shiny lying plush was made by ebayer, fsrmc and the cute teddy like plush was made by etsy member, AmiPlushies with pattern from TeacupLion.
I hope this isn't considered advertising. I just want to credit the artists :)

Flats and binders! I used to have them up on my wall, but it got to looking cluttered so I decided to keep them in a binder. I have them out right now for pictures:

Chandelure! I just recently started collecting this Pokemon. He doesn't have nearly as much merch as Umbreon, so it's all in one pic. I'm excited about the Banpresto Kororin plush (not sure I spelled it correctly) coming out later this year:

Finally, Tomys. This is my oldest and largest collection. It's kind of in disarray right now, but I still love it. So hard to organize so many little figures!

Random stuff I just liked. The secret base merch is so adorable!:

Group pics! Ignore the dangling cords. I hate cords, but sigh, they're nessisary if you want tvs and stuff...

Wow, that was long! I hope you all enjoyed the photos. Thanks so much for looking!
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