Sarah Ciraulo (crashdiamond182) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sarah Ciraulo

New Get and the start of my newest collection!

Hi guys! In my last post, I mentioned nabbing a rarer item for a freakin' steal! And now he's here! I've decided to start collecting...

Regigigas and Regice! I gotta find someone to commission for a Regice plush one of these days.
Anyways! The newest edition to my Pokemon collection arrived in the mail just moments ago. And I've got my sidekick, Attack Poli Kid to help me unbox our newest friend.

I know, the box is huge, Poli! Wonder what's inside...?

Geez, open the box yourself, why don't ya? I'm excited too, bud.

Who's in there...?

None other than the massive Tomy 10" Regigigas Plush! And I got him for about half of what they usually go for.

I think Regi is a Shakespeare fan. Anyways, he's loved but most of him is still really soft. And I love his little fingers. So cute. I bought him from @vintagetoysandmore on Instagram. They usually post a lot of for sale Pokemon stuff. :)

That's it for me! Bye!
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