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Christmas in June!!!

Happy Monday!!

I recently received a big box from Japan that I'm so excited to share what was in it. Christmas came early this year since I received, a big, new fluffy buddy and, in my opinion, one of the rarest Eevee plush made.

So...what is this Eevee?!

You'll have to wait and see (unless you already jumped to the end :]) since I have some other gets to reveal! First are...

Postcards! After seeing kuitsuko's collection post, I checked Y!J, and found the Sunflower Field postcard in lot. From the lot, these two were my favorites. There's a tiny little Eevee in the background, and I love sunflowers, while the second one looks so warm and is a great image of summer.
Thank you kuitsuko! I wouldn't have checked that day if you hadn't posted your beautiful, postcard collection ^u^

Next are some decapitated Eevees...err a Heartland keychain and plush magnet plus a bobble-head Eevee.

Continuing on are some potato, tsum Vees. They're such roly-poly cuties >w<

Following those little ones is the Twinkle Dreams kuji! This release was one of my favorites, but I limited myself to just the plush. The plush are so soft, and Sylveon's colors are beautiful.

\'A'/ A wild Dittochu appeared! After a few lost auctions and a GA, I finally found this big guy that was MWT. He's so cuddly and huggable. He arrived just in time to go with his new Eevitto friends.
And, now, the little Eevee!

It's the Christmas Tomy Eevee!!! In my opinion, I would classify him as one of the rarest/hardest to find Eevee plush made (or at least in the top 10). I've been checking Y!J for about four years and have only seen this little one pop up four times all of which were this past year (¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk why). He's so cute, and I'm so happy to add him to the family! He's absolutely precious ^w^

He looks a little like the Fuzzy Tomy (JPN/US release), so I added a little comparison behind the spoiler. But, both are cute and special in their own way! ^x^
[Fuzzy Tomy Eevees Comparison!]
The Christmas Tomy and Fuzzy Tomy were both made around the same time. They both look pretty similar, but there are a few differences.

The Fuzzy Tomy is a little bigger and has shorter fur than the Christmas one, while the Christmas Tomy has softer and brighter colored fur. Their eyes and manes are the same material and proportional to their bodies. Their hang tags are also obnoxious and make it look like the poor things were stabbed.

They both have a slight, upward head tilt, but the Fuzzy Tomy's is more noticable. Their bodies are basically the same except the Chirstmas Tomy's is more compact and its tail is a different color and spaced farther from its body.

Plus, the Christmas Tomy has little pink feeties!

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look!
See you next time!
-^〰^- kuro
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