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Pokedoll collection cleaning and evolution over the years

It's finally the time for a collection post! :D (I don't remember the last time I made one.... xD)
Today I will only focus on my pokedoll collection :) I will share the rest with an other post ^^

So today I was super bored and I finaly decided to clean my pokedoll collection! The last time I did it was a year and a half ago (I normaly clean them once every 6 months... I have no excuses...) So anyway! I took some photos to show you what dust can do.

First, lets check how my collection grew over the years ^^

Caution BIG and LOTS of pictures.

This is the very first group picture I took of my pokedoll collection :)
I sadly don't have an exact date of when it was taken, but I would asume that it was probably around August or Septembre 2012
27 pokedolls + 1 fake (Chimchar)

Not long after, I got a bigger shelf since my first one was obviously too small.
This was my collection on October 2012.
27 pokedolls + 1 fake (Chimchar)

Not even a year after, my first small shelf was back!
This was my collection on May 2013
59 pokedolls + 1 fake (Chimchar)

A couple of months later, the small one was full once more.
This was my collection on October 2013.
82 pokedolls

It was clear that my smaller shelf was not meant to be a pokedoll display xD so I got an other big one.
This was my collection on August 2014.
117 pokedolls
I didn't take any picture of my collection in 2015.

First of all, I would like to thank my friend Lint Roller to have been there with me :'D
Lint Roller, thank you!


One sheet of the Lint Roller full of dust from my pokedolls xD I used SOOOOO MANY!!!!

FullSizeRender (4).jpg
The difference between clean shelf and dusty shelf.

It not easy to see, but the water was turning grey from all the dust that was on the shelves xD YUK!

..........................................2 hours latter :'D ........................................


Shelf 1 and shelf 2, all clean!!
As of June 2016, my pokedoll collection no longer fit in those 2 shelves :c and I don't have enough space to bring back the small one... so I am keeping the other on my tall shelf and the ugly one :')
124 pokedolls
12 oversize pokedolls
11 secret base pokedolls
Total: 147

FullSizeRender (3).jpg
Those are the pokedolls I am keeping in my tall shelf. (try to ignore the Petit plushies xD )

And I am keeping my secret base Pokedoll in my ugly shelf! (I can't believe I still miss Totodile and Swablu ;-; )

That's it! :D

Thanks for looking!
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