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Pokemon Sun + Moon 3DS XL system (NTSC U/C) up for pre-order !

Hey there, just wanted to share this pre-order info! The Solgaleo/Lunala 3DS XL is now available to preorder from playasia:


This will be released in places like Malaysia/Phillipines, and is only compatible with NTSC U/C releases! (meaning it will play North American software!) No word on the Pikachu n3dsxl yet, so far it's Japan only.

Is anyone hoping for a direct USA release? Or maybe the Pikachu n3dsxl? Personally, I'd love to get some nice looking Sun/Moon cover plates for the standard n3ds!

Also, I found some interesting Pokemon news on Nintendo's website!
They have a page detailing the upcoming Wii-u VC releases of the original PMD games (6/23), and in the article it says "look for more Pokémon Virtual Console titles coming later this summer"

Any ideas / hopes for what those titles could be? My guess is Gold/Silver/Crystal for 3ds! Considering the Pokemon bank compatibility with R/B/Y data, as well as the wireless modifications to the "cable club", I have a feeling that G/S/C will be showing up soon! I'm going to be really sad if its just more PMD games or something. lol

Thanks for looking!
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