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I've got a ton of gets that I'm eager to share! Will be picture heavy.

I'll start off with Arceus! I really binged on him lately.

BanPresto figure. I've had the pearly version since it first came out (I got it MIB), so I finally decided to get this guy. He was only $6! From Y!J

I got the normal version of this! The sellers on FJ were kind enough to email me asking if I wanted it with or without the box, and told me that with the box it'd cost $10 to ship (to them). So I went without box!

Arceus strap! I bought it from Splash today, along with a chougetto to paint into the fairy plate.

Clipping figure also from Splash.

Arceus pokedoll MWT! This exact one, actually. I won him on Y!J for $13

Silver Arceus chougetto! I decided to browse the German eBay one day and that was the first result. Got it for $6. And to think I was going to spend $30+ for it in a bid war lmao

Normal Arceus zukan from white_chocobo

Sparky Arceus tomy from white_chocobo

Arceus Matte tomy from Y!J
Things I got that I don't have pictures for;
-Arceus poison plate chougetto from white_chocobo
-Arceus tomy (to repaint into fairy plate) from white_chocobo
Next, some Giratina gets!

This lot from katielegends! I got it for Giratina. The others will be in sales once they're in my possession. I have two; one to keep on display, one to use on my key ring.

A different release from the one above!! This was a lucky Y!J get.

Another altered form Giratina pokedoll figure! It's the second release version.

Dialga UFO charm from Splash. From the same set as Giratina!

I got the figuarts of Lucario (finally)! Obtained from the comm member Riolu.

Speaking of figuarts, I pre ordered this guy today! It's an S.H, Figurearts of Charizard. Scheduled to release in November! Comes with a bunch of cool stuff. It's limited edition or something like that. Better than paying $250 for a first release like I was going to lmao

That's all for my gets!

High priority;

Giratina altered round charm/UFO charm

Giratina european figure (pref. figure only)

-Clear Arceus strap

Low priority:

I found one of these on eBay MIP, but I kinda don't want to pay that high of a price for it.

Charizard Nendoroid

I also updated my sales and added a few more stuff. rules & whatnot are over there!
Preview of new items
I think that'll be my last sales update for a while ;v;
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