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New Items Up For Auctions! Ends in 5 days! + Updated Sales!!! + Collectors Question

Hi everyone! I added tons of new items up for auctions! Please click on the picture below to be transported to the Auctions' Page!

There is also some new items added in my Sales! I am open to Haggling.

I am willing to trade/partial trade/buy any items in my Wants list:
http://aki199257.livejournal.com/1222.html Feel free to offer anything that isn't on my wants list :)

On a side note, I am curious to know what kind of collector you are!

A little bit about my "philosophy" on collecting, I like to collect certain pokemons but only selective merch that I think looks good or are more rare. I am mainly a plushies and figures collector. I hardly collect flats (thou there are exceptions but very rare). I tend to prefer to wait to find the right price or a much cheaper price to purchase my high wants from sales and auctions. And if I keep losing out on a special item I been hunting for awhile, and I happen to spot it again and again for very good price--I would end up getting multiples of it. The highest number of the same plush I currently have in my collection is 4...and I thought 3 was my max lol, I guessed not.

Are you:
1) Selective Collector
2) Impulsive Collector
3) One Pokemon Collector
4) Anything Collector
5) Plush-only Collector
6) Figure-only Collector
7) Flat-only Collector
8) Ever-changing Collector
9) Other

Feel free to comment below about what kind of collector you are and post pictures of your current collection! I would love to hear from you guys and see your beautiful collection *V*~

Thank you for looking! Have a great week everyone!
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