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Gets + Pikachu bed ^^

First of all, I wanted to thank you for all your lovely comments in my previous post. I felt very touched to see that you appreciated my collection :3

And this time I have a little part of my Pikachu collection to show you o/

Indeed, I built a little shelf with foam board for my Monthly Pikachus (there is still space for the Couple set but I need to find money for them haha). For the rest it's mostly Banpresto and Ichiban Kuji Chus. They have rather similar size and design.
And also Onemuri because who else fits better on a bed ? ^^

Then the gets!

I just love all of them *happy*
Pictures of the G.E.M. figures
Pictures of the Pokémon Center Kyoto playing cards

I made a comparison between XY 2015 (left) and BW 2013 (right) Charizard because contrary to Dragonite the two versions have very different designs.

But what surprises the most is the colour change :o

With Zapdos I finally completed the Legendary birds trio :3

And with Gengar and Snorlax my Pikachu Nebukuro Collection is full

I know that I miss Eevee and Regular Charizard from the first set, but since the Pikachu plush is exactly the same as Ekans one I didn't really need them (and as you can see there was no space for more haha)

Let's end with Steven Stone greeting the crowd x)

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed :)

Tags: charizard, greninja, groudon, pikachu, substitute, zapdos
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