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More friends for Mt. Minccino!

So thanks to the community, I've amazed more towards my ultimate Minccino collection goal. (Thank bishoujohenshin for a lovely lot of small items I'd been putting off getting!)

But I've also gotten two rarer pieces recently that I have to squee about.

First is this utterly adorable mascot plush that I'd seen once on ebay before it eluded me for years. Suddenly it reappeared and now it is mine!

I love the fabric its made out of because it's the only one in my whole Minccino collection with this type of fabric. Reminds me of the 20th anniversary plush in texture but a bit shorter.

Then today came one of my long dreamed of Minccinos...

Who could be in this big ole box?

Hey that tail looks familiar...

It's here! The 1:1 scale Minccino! Who is SO BIG AND SOFT. Like I seriously wasn't prepared for how big and how soft it is. As you can see, it completely towers over my little pokedoll.

And after much tweaking and shifting...

Mt. Minccino stands even taller now! My collection has gotten huge. So much so the pizza guy the other day could see it from the front door and was like " a lot of Minccinos" lol. With the kuttari and the All-star Minccinos on their way, it won't be long until I build this even taller! Onwards and upwards, Mt. Minccino!

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