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Elusive Squirrel Obtained!

Hello again everyone! Lately my collecting has come to a slow hault, as I'm strictly trying to get things from my wants list, as I am also collecting another franchise around the same time XD Lately I have obtained a certain rodant to complete my set, and here he is, along with some updates!


I've also updated my SALES POST (and even in my other sales post too), with price drops for many items:

Well, let's start with things that I have obtained back in May! This was a package from my middleman, and you can see something special there...

Ignore anything that isn't pokemon plz.

The Mini Pachirisu pokedoll! My goodness he was quite a long wait for it to be listed on yahoo!Japan!

I'm so glad that I got him now, because he was the last mini keychain pokedoll that I needed to complete the mini pokdoll keychain craze back from 2012! (was it 2012?)

And here's the complete set! :D I'd have to say that pachi's the biggest of them, because of his tail.

Next is my package from kitzune! x2 shiny mega gardevoirs and a Jigglypuff.

One of the gardo's was for my bff, who had to get one with her normal colored counterpart.

Seriosuly, this was love at first sight.

I normally don't like Jigglypuff, but when i first saw the stock art of this plush it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! It's even cuter in person!

Thank you kitzune! you have made our day! <33

Also subbie chu plush <3

This was the best part! Pikachu is now sewn on with the costume so he can be taken out. I've been using the costume to put other plush in x3

Again ignore the non poke things XP

This was from my middleman, but what shocked me was the twinkle eevee and sylveon!

They were bigger then what I was expecting, and both are super soft! They're both made of minky.

I'm so glad to see Sylveon in other poses then the standard sitting :D pose.

Lugia and Ho-Oh chu's from sunyshore. I midlemanned them for my bff.

Eeveelution tumbler! It's so cute!

Now time for work gets!

3rd gen manga!

Tins and cards. the cards may not be in the best condition, but there are some good ones!

Mega garchomp plush and pikachu, and some frizbee thing with pokemon stickers on it XD

shirt, cards, and hasbro chu!

more cards and a wristband.

More cards and figures!

toy factory chu!

Jakks pikachu figure, that actually has his tail this time XD (I didn't take a side view of him, so you don't see his tail)

books, big card, and mini pikachu plush.

Another toy factory pikachu plush. He's pretty big too!

full set of mangas!! they're not in the best condition though. In volume 3 someone decided to color them in midway and stopped :P

Another hasbro pikachu.

this book and coin. the book is in pristine condition <33

and last but not least, a card binder with +30 empty card sleeves inside and a game guide!

Well that was everything! Thanks for reading/looking everyone!

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