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Super Quick Keychain GA - Payment 1!

Hooray we won the lot and for less than we raised so everyone gets a discount! :D
This post concerns: handmadehail xxlatiosxx usagimakeup dragonkid20 itssayrah m14mouse raymence
Note: I deleted my reminder post from earlier to avoid the 'posting within 24 hours' rule. Hope this is okay! ^-^

The spreadsheet of totals can be found in the bright blue column here:

Please send payment to tashscarlet(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk as 'payments for goods and services' and remember to include your username and 'GA Payment 1' in the memo section. Once you've sent payment please comment below to let me know and also let me know where the keychain will be shipped to!

Please try to make sure you send payment within 24 hours otherwise you might get negative feedback! :O As soon as everyone has paid the lot will get shipped to me! :)

And here's a screenshot of the total if you wanted to check! ;)

There are also two extras available: Treecko/Pikachu strap and Plusle/Minun strap. Both are available for their starting bid of $5. They will be available for non-participants to claim after 12 hours.

Once again a massive thanks to the participants for helping me to win this lot with such short notice! :D I hope everyone is excited to receive their shiny new keychains! ^o^
Tags: group auction
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