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Reintro + a couple of auctions!

  I'm done with school and I'm finally getting settled in my work schedule, so now I can try and be more active here! I was sad to learn I missed a bunch of eeveelution merch releases due to my lack of money and time, but I hope to be able to get them soon. ^^
  Short reintro: I'm eeveefruit, and like my username suggests, I collect eevee and its evolutions (mainly the plush and TCG). I also have a weakness for "useful" items such as blankets, cushions, and cups, so I tend to accumulate a bunch of those as well. The reason why I like the eeveelutions is actually because of the TCG. I thought the holo Neo Discovery umbreon card I had since childhood was one of the most beautiful pieces of art ever, and my love grew from there. (So yes, umbreon is my favorite 'veelu.) In fact, the reason why I like many of the pokemon I like is because of the beautiful art of the cards. I got my first eevee plush, the pokedoll, at Disneyworld's Epcot in 2011, and I have been actively searching for and collecting eeveelution plushes ever since! Besides pokemon, I love animals of all kinds, reading, watching anime, and Touhou.

This is a quick picture of my main collection as of now. Unfortunately they're piled up on top of each other like this since I have nowhere else to put them... You can't even see all of them since they're buried, the poor things ;;

But I did recently rearrange my shelves so that my eevees aren't so cramped (and because they kept falling off the pile ^^;)

Oh gosh sorry for the crappy pictures

I also have a couple of auctions that I hope will help people with their collections!

- Sales permission granted on September 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.
- My feedback:
- Payment by paypal only, please.
- I ship from MI, USA.
- Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees unless otherwise stated.
- International buyers ok! But the postage price would be higher, so please ask for a quote before bidding if you're worried about this!
- All PKMNCollectors community rules apply.
- I have the right to refuse to sell to banned members or people I don't feel comfortable dealing with.
- I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items after they are in the hands of the post office.
- Please be patient with me as I can be slow with replies/shipping depending on what I am doing at that time.
- I live in a smoke-free home, but I have a pet rabbit although she has absolutely no contact with my items.
- Sorry for the bad-quality pictures! If you want close-ups of something, just ask!
- Bid in increments of $1.
- If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

Also, I don't know how to set up a timer for auctions, so sorry, it's up to you to keep track of the time! Depending on how busy I am, I might not even be able to post a reminder, so please be aware of that!

Auctions end a week from today, Sunday July 3rd at 8:00 PM EST.

Notebook featuring some popular 6th gen pokemon! The inside has plain graph paper. It's not in perfect condition (it has small cracks? on the binding and light edgewear) but it has never been written in.
Starts at $5

Handkerchief featuring pokemon from the Zoroark movie, including pikachu, piplup, zoroark, suicune, raikou, and entei! It is 30x30 cm (or 12x12 in.) and MIP.
Starts at $5

Thank you for looking!
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