zenmekir (zenmekir) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My collection site is up and running

Hey everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that I have finally taken the time to get a collection site together; if you guys are interested you can check it out here: http://mummyducks.weebly.com/

I have current photos of all of my Cofagrigus; Murkrow/Honchkrow and Sigilyph items. I'm working on taking photos of everything else so feel free to check back ever so often!

I'm also looking for something; the 'fates collide' Kabutops and 'Kalos Starter Set' Farfetch'd cards; anything on my wants list here http://mummyducks.weebly.com/wanted.html and ANY items that I don't have of Farfetch'd; Cofagrigus, Murkrow/Honchkrow, and Kabutops.

Have a great day everyone!

Tags: collection, kabutops, wanted, wants
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