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Super exciting gets!

Hello all! I was going to wait until I got my items in to share, but I'm too excited to wait two more weeks akjfkjdfk
After years of searching, I finally got (one of) my grail(s)!!

Electronic Rayquaza!! Funny thing is, I somehow managed to get two; one used and one MIP. I now have both Rayquaza and Deoxys with their boxes. Surprisingly hella cheaper than if I were to bid on any Y!J auctions lol BUT!! Both will be here within the next week or two and I'm SUPER PUMPED. They drained my funds, though, lemme tell ya. I cleared off my Dialga/Palkia shelf to make room for my gorgeous green dragon snake <3 This one is in working/okay condition too :D

Bandai sound action Rayquaza! He's baseless, but works. I found him through a lucky search on eBay and he was super cheap! I was browsing eBay and thought this was a really weird DX kid or something because of the camera position.

BW Rayquaza zukan
My next goal for Rayquaza would be getting all the zukan.
Tbh I think my love for Rayquaza has stemmed off of my deep love for snakes

Golden Arceus strap from Y!J. If you have the silver one, lemme know!!
I'm getting Giratina+Groudon stuff from the comm member (and one of my closest friends of many years) Noivem. She shipped my package on Monday and chose priority mail. But USPS says it won't be here until next Tuesday (July 5th). We're kinda salty about it bc she paid extra for shipping.

I updated my sales with collection weeding and stuff I got from lots. I've decided to sell my Groudon pokedoll figure strap, so that will be in there, too!
Sales preview
Click the picture or link to be transported!

Lastly, I spent the past few nights revamping my collection site! I got most of the pictures/descriptions up (for my main collections), and I just need to do a count once I get all of my items in. I'm not entirely sure if it's mobile friendly yet, as I haven't tried it on my phone. Just a little heads up.
Let me know if you'd like to affiliate! I made a smaller banner, too.
Tags: arceus, chimecho, chingling, darkrai, groudon, latias, latios, raikou, rayquaza, sales, shinx, zygarde
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