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Lately all I've been posting has seemed to be dinosaur themed, I just can't help it but today will have a bit of a dinosaur theme aswell.

First of I can't contain my excitemnet over my very first custom to arrive, I missed the mail lady yesterday so I had to go pick it up at the post office today, I simply could not contain my excitement and I opened up the package in the car, who wants to guess who's little hiny you can see here?

It's Tyrantrum!!

This little cutie was made for me through an artist I found on Etsy, RainbowFlare, and I just love how cute he turned out ^_^

And here he is with my tyrunts on my desk, they are really taking over so I'm thinking of moving them upstairs with the rest of my plush, that'll be a day of rearranging :D

And a bunch of other smaller stuff also made it in the mail :)

This little cutie came from white_chocobo and he's just adorable!

This little baby came from ietne I wanted a little Aron because in my Omega ruby game back when it came out I caught one and named it after my back then best friend Sebastiaan, he's my boyfriend nowdays and I just had to have this little guy because of that ^_^

And i got some little nicknacks through someone on facebook aswell

Who was your first custom plush? I'd love to see some pictures and hear stories about it ^_^
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