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Bootleg Pokedoll keychains?

So I was having a rummage in the loft for some stuff and I came across these old items that I'd forgotten about.

I don't remember where U got these from. I always assumed they were released for the Lucario movie, but looking at them now I'm not so sure. I don't think they're even official! XD

As you can see there's not much information on the back of the packet. The packaging image as well is the same one that you often see on the hang tags of bootleg plush too! XD

The figures themselves don't have any branding or markings on either. But they look like pokedolls and they're detailed with good paint jobs. The only one who looks a bit iffy is Mew.

It looks like the whites of Mew's eyes have been painted the wrong colour! They're black instead of white!

So yeah, looking at all those pictures, can anyone tell me if these are official products or not? I'd say they weren't, but I've never seen bootleg pokedoll merch before and these guys really do look like pokedolls (especially Pikachu and Mew!).
I also came across these weird pogs

It says on the back that they're called Power Caps, but google isn't bringing up any information about them! I only have a few but luckily Articuno was one of them! XD I'd love to know what other Pokemon are in the set! :)
Any information about these items would be greatly appreciated! :D I'll end with the last thing I found - an official piece of merchandise that I got from Nintendo World back in 2004! :) Lenticular Rayquaza phone strap!
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