puruglies (puruglies) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shaymin 20th Plush available ONLINE!

Since I'm always lurking on the Toys'R'Us website for the 20th anniversary plushes, this month they didn't release online orders early like with Manaphy. However, upon checking today, the plush is up for orders! Here is the link;

Please get it while you can! Last time I checked, they were sold out online within a day or two and there were a few people sad about it :( I hope everyone who wants one is able to snag it! I'm also very happy about the new strict limits on purchases, so people cant buy the entire stock and resell them for ridiculous prices (because no offense to the plushes, but they're not exactly worth $50+ each D: ) Happy Shaymin month!
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