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Long time no see + wants!

Hey everyone! I've been pretty dead in the community lately. I just don't see that much I'm interested in anymore! 😥
I've been pretty dead with art too, I'm going through a lame rut. It's probably bc I've been working full-time for the summer 🤑 ... which brings me to a wants post bc i have a bit of cash to spend 💸

OKAY First things first
I've been going through the archives looking for this picture but 1) I don't really remember WHEN it was posted & 2) it's so old now that maybe the image is already gone.
So a while ago someone posted about new plushes that were coming out that were all chibi & cute! I think there was one for all the zygrade forms & a few other pokemon. I was really looking forward to the zygrade 10% plush that they had coming out with it & was wondering if anyone remembers when they're coming out?

Also while looking through the archives I saw this & was wondering if anyone was selling this for cheaper than amazons $40+? 😓

I've also been looking for a thing in some peoples sales post that was called an "eevee whistle"! Its a little eevee figure that I'm not sure is a whistle itself? If it is a whistle itself I'm totally down to buying one!

I feel like I had a lot more things I wanted to add to this but can't remember for the life of me 😓

Thanks for looking!

Edit: Remembered I'm looking for this cute thing too thanks to pokecats newest post!

the shinx bobble head!
Or if you have a bobblehead of any other pokemon feel free to show me! This is just the only one I know of & want haha
When mcdonalds came out with a few pokemon toys 5 years back they had an oshowott bobblehead toy & I really wanted one for my one-day car (I was only 15 haha)!
Years later I bought it off someone on ebay , but sadly learned it's head is too big & makes it fall over! Its head also didn't really bobble a lot. :( So I've been looking for a cute bobblehead ever since!

Also my other wants plug!

Please note I'm not really looking for any of the expensive stuff (expensive to me is over $30 haha) unless it's super cheap lmao
I'm not big on getting things MWT just no stains!
I'm also not interested in any small figures at the moment.. Ran out of room for those haha

ALSO pictures of my new kitten for anyone who cares!
+ it makes this post x1000 cuter!

He used to be so small 😭

They're both named Charlie! Except his name has changed in my heart to "Baby Charlie" haha
He's beautiful & I LOVE HIM
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