Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

Main collection update! + other cool gets

So guys... I'm bored. I'm on a vaction trip now and I thought hey post your collection update! So I'm a full member for 2 years now! Since some days.. I'm too late haha. So this is my second year in pkmncollectors. I was lurking in the comm years ago but never joined lol. My Absol collection is still growing, in the past faster than yet, but hey it's okay. Still lacking many rare Absol items ;-; *cry* I haven't found my grails of grails yet, but I never give up!


Warning! Heavy pictures ^^

That's my collection yet minus all the tons of flats which I have haha.
For sure I own all US and JPN versions of the Absol plushies.


Close up of my Absol plushies :) I may will buy a MWT Absol 2003 Banpresto. Still want them with tag.. I know on Y!J is one for a good price, but I have to save some funds.

Other close up's... I'm missing still so many Absol stuff! My space is gone haha.

For sure I will show you my mini Pokedoll collection and my fav' plushies ^^ Still missing some wants (Buizel, Houndour ;-;), but they are low priority for me.

And hey look what I got! I'm not a Suicune collector but I looooove the new figures. They looking really cool and the details are awesome.

Sorry for the short collection update, but I am a lazy person when I'm posting collection updates... xD

Thank you for reading guys <3
Tags: absol, collection update, suicune
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