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Lots Sales

I am hoping to do some collection weeding in order to clean out some space.  (Don't worry.  My Ralts, Weedle, and Seedot line collection are here to stay.  :D)  So, I am offering a lots sale.  This price includes shipping for US buyers.  International shippers....I will try to offer some sort of discount.  ^__^   These prices doesn't included paypal fees.  Sorry.

 photo lotsale_zpswxt13t85.jpg

Sales Policy: -Sales permission granted by October 20, 2015 on areica96.
My feedback link is here!
-All community rules apply.
-I will not sell to banned or non members.
-Prices are in USD and will only accept paypal.
-Prices do not include fees or shipping.
-Shipping is from South Carolina, US
-I will ship internationally.
FlatsPrices start at .49 for US and 1.20 for international for flats.
-Non flats:  Shipping starts at 4.00 dollars for US(includes supplies) and 13.00 for interational (includes supplies)

-I plan to use USPS and send my figures with bubble mailers and envelopes for flats with either cardboard or top loaders.
Please inquire about tracking if you are interested.
-Trades? I love to trade!  My wants are here.
-Haggling is fine by me, make an offer but please, don't be upset that I say no.
-I have 4 dogs. While they aren't near my stuff, there is plenty of their fur floating around. Don't buy if you are allergic.
-I come from a clean and smoke free home
-I will do holds for 24 hours, otherwise payment with paypal is due in 24 hours if a hold is not requested, if not I will move to the next person.
-Once I ship the item it is no longer my responsibility. I will provide proof of shipment in case your item gets lost.
-I am a fast shipper since I work right down the street from the post office. I will inform you when the item has been shipped.
-You must tell me if you want insurance added!
-Backing out of a committed sale will constitute negative feedback. I don't want to do this. So, please talk to me!
-Feedback will be left after payment is cleared.

 photo GEDC1092_zpsn6lih73n.jpg
Pancham line lot:  $17 dollars shipped

 photo GEDC1093_zpsjupzacif.jpg
Pin Lot:  $10 dollars shipped-HOLD

 photo GEDC1094_zpskvikmvys.jpg
Dragon Lot:  $13 dollars shipped

 photo GEDC1096_zpsz1ihvmfu.jpg
Fire lot:  $12 dollars shipped

 photo GEDC1097_zps0q9tydsf.jpg
Clear kid lot:  $13 shipped

If you want to add some cards to your order...go right ahead:  My card sales are here.
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