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5 years of collecting a re-intro an update + wants

Hey Hey Hey!
July marks my 5th anniversay of joining this lovely community! Waaaah I don't know how the time has flown so fast! I can't remember my exact joinging date but I do remember that my first ever post was just after my birthday when I received a mew birthday cake!
When I first joined I only had a few items, mostly 90's hasbro and tomy toys and I boy had no idea how much stuff was really out there!
I joined on a whim after stumbling across a lifesized talking mew on ebay, unfortunatley it sold before I could gather the money to buy it (being a poor university student at the time) I made it my lifes mission to find that mew and buy it. After some research I found pkmncollectors and requested membership. The lovely folk here guided me towards Y!J where I found my mew <3
and the rest is history!

sneak preview!

please see below the cut for my pictures and such ramblings

So a bit of a reintro. I'm Abbey I am 24 and I live in the UK. I've been around pokemon almost as long as I can remember and even had quite a significant collection as a child. I outgrew it for a while and started collecting again whilst I was in University.
My collection has changed a lot over the years, some coming and going and others standing the test of time. Certainly it has grown from the little corner of my bedside table and now the spare bedroom in my house has been dubbed the PokeRoom! So anyone lucky (or unlucky) enough to stay with me gets to sleep in a bed with hundreds of plush eyes staring down at them ;)
My life has changed drastically too I am now married and living in my own home, I work full time and even have a little bengal cat called Kratos <3 Despite this thought Pokemon has remained a big part of my life and I am sooooo excited for PokemonGo and Sun and Moon!
Anyway enough rambling please have a gander at my collection :D

starting with the odds and ends shelf, as I dont have many absols they always look so bare on a shelf, I currently have my mascot pikachus occupying the vacancy. I love costumed pikachu so much that they are overspilling everywhere! I was thinking of buying some kind of board and hanging the keychains up? just something to declutter my shelves a bit

Here we have my Hoothoot/noctowl collection
To me this is a complete collection, im happy with the products I own for them and have all the plush I set out too and more. I managed to get both the japanese and american versio of the noctowl pokedoll with the different triangles as well as the shiny stamper and zukan

the pokedolls!

my blue pokedolls, i seem to have more of these than any other colour.
My favourites here are the poliwhirl and wailord.
(tiny photobombing 3d printed pika)

little tales <3
the little tales promotion are possible my favourite line. I love the art and the plush style is absolutely perfect. I own all the pikachu plushes released from it so far as well as tupperware and letter sets with the artwork. heres hoping there is a 4th release of this style!

a few more dressed up chus

green pokedolls, with a ditto intruder!
They seem a bit crammed in here

yellow pokedolls, again with an intruder. Both dragonite and togepi are in my top ten favourite dolls I just love chubby plush

pink pokedolls and mew spill over. It took me nearly 4 years to find a DX pokepark mew pokedoll and it didn't dissapoint its so squishy!!

the one that started it all!
My first purchase on y!j and first true collectors piece. As I got it at such a great price (only $25) I expected it to be pretty beat up but it came mint in its box, although the box had a bit of damage and fading. Its voice box still works and even its eyes dont have any scratches.

all my other mews
a few more have been gathered recently due to the i <3 mew promo and 20th anniversary releases

orange pokedolls
words cant express how happy I am that pokecen released a growlithe and arcanine plush. they are so perfect that I just need more! Its a shame these puppies dont have more merchandise

very messy purple pokes
so many purple and black pokemon are ghosts and awkwardly shaped making them a real pain to orangise without falling over

onto the giant plush

the bed houses most of my lifesized plush including the new giant chamander and sleeping oshawott.
here are my its demo pillows as well. Second to little tales in my favourite artwork.
I cant wait to see products from the new line with eevees and to make it better it's released on my birthday!!

a few other big and lifesized plush! Fennekin is a little squished but as he can't stand on his own its the only way to display him. and he kind of looks cute sat down :3

phew! thank you if you actually went through all that :D

i also have a couple of wants, I probably can't buy all of them now as a lot of my money is being saved for my few weeks in Japan next year.

sandile pokecen plush mwt

duskull pokedoll mwt or tto

pokemon letter sets,paper,pens or stationary
I'm fairly open with style on this I mostly want patterned paper, envelopes,stickers etc so any stationary sets are considered.
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