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A whole bunch of new gets!

Hi everyone :D

I hope everyone's as hyped for Sun and Moon as I am :D Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed with the recet releases, but I'm sure these new guys will grow on me eventually hahaha

Well, anyway, I'm posting today because I've gotten in some really neat gets over the past few months, that I keep forgetting to share with you guys xD; It's crazy how much new merch has been coming out and it's so hard to keep up ^^; I also bought a few neat finds that I just couldn't pass up!

On to the gets!

First up is this amazing custom houndoom by f4y3 !

She's probably the cutest houndoom I have in my collection so far *^* She's very floppy and her tail is poseable :D More pics are on my collections site~

Some Char-line gets :D

The kid figure was actually a surprise gift from my good friend eboncharizard :)

I also finally got the mokomoko charmander and all-star charmander as well :D I really really love these two plush, they made be my fav charmanders (next to the 1:1 of course!)

I also got this cute little froakie! He was too cheap to pass up xDD

These two were impulse buys lol

Lapras was a steal at only $45 shipped :O I always thought the Kuta Lapras was the cutest out of all the lapras plush, so when I saw this guy for sale, I snagger her right away! MWT nonetheless<3

and Weavile was actually bought from stalkingsuicune on eBay! I felt the need for a Weavile plush after playing Pokken Tournament haha glad I was able to find the pokedoll! Another lucky MWT get<3

Thanks for looking!

As always, mywants and collection site are here:
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