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Some gets, Magikarp group shot + trading Rainbow Box Dittochu

I've acquired a few items the last few weeks that I'd love to share, and I took this opportunity to take a picture of all my Magikarp stuff as well...

It's not much compared to other people's collections but I'm very happy with how it has grown since joining this community several months ago!

Pictures of my gets under the cut.

First, this AMAZING magikarp Taiyaki plush by mamath. It's absolutely adorable, super soft, and very well made. I love unique Magikarp items like this ngggg.

My boyfriend found this guy in a garage sale for only $2! He sent me a picture and I recognized it as the Play by Play poliwirl. I already have one of those but it's in pretty beat up shape (childhood relic...) so I was happy to be able to add this to my collection, but when I saw it in real life it turned out to be a lot bigger than the one I already had! I didn't know they came in different sizes. The hang tag is a little bent but it's super cool that it still had all the tags in the first place!

And lastly, the Pokemoncenter Magikarp+Gyarados pins I got fromdiamondphantom's group buy. :D The magikarp is so purdyyy.

I'm expecting more stuff to come in the mail this week or the next, that I'm pretty excited about (footprint GA figures fffff)

I now have enough feedback for trades permission yay! Months ago, I got this Rainbox Box Dittochu in a lot with my huge shiny Magikarp plush but it doesn't feel quite at place in my collection. I'm sure someone else would appreciate it a lot more, and if I could add some wanted items to my collection by trading it, I'd be a happy gal!

Better pictures and more info under the cut

The plush itself is in very good condition, the box is in pretty good shape but has some whitening at a few edges. Nothing too serious, but I wouldn't call it mint.

This is the upper left corner, where it's worst.

If you need more pictures, just let me know. It's getting a bit dark here at the moment so I couldn't take better pictures.

I'm honestly not ~entirely~ sure of it's value, there's a few on Ebay that I feel are hugely overpriced hmn.. Nonetheless I have a ballpark value in mind and I wouldn't necessarily want to trade 1:1 with each item on my wants list if I feel the items are not of equal value. Anyways, I'm just going to throw a bunch of wants here and maybe I can work something out with someone. However I'd have no qualms about hanging on to the Dittochu if I don't find a trade I'm entirely happy with (it is pretty cute I guess). Please keep in mind that shipping would be to The Netherlands.

I took most pictures off Google, if you see a picture of yours and you'd like me to take it down, do let me know.

Shiny Gyarados Plush, super high priority

Magikarp Taiyaki Maker, high priority

Noctowl Pokedoll

Natu Pokedoll

Growlithe Canvas Plush

Bulbasaur Canvas Plush

Big Stunfisk Cushion

Banpresto Hoothoot Plush

PC Shiny Magikarp Plush

Hoothoot+Noctowl Zukan

Magikarp+Gyarados Zukan

Feebas+Milotic Zukan

Natu+Xatu Zukan

Noctowl Groundbreaker figure
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