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Super Quick Keychain GA - Payment 2! Also Sales Post Now Open!

Hi guys! :) The keychains from my GA have arrived, so it's time for payment 2! :)

Clear Latios and Latias for xxlatiosxx
Rayquaza for raymence
Duskull/Kirlia for m14mouse

Flygon and Corphish for handmadehail
Salamence for dragonkid20
May/Torchic for usagimakeup
Jirachi for itssayrah

IMPORTANT: I should just warn you all now that the shipping prices are for if your items can't be shipped as large letters. I will be shipping them in bubblemailers so some of them might be thin enough. If they are then I will refund you the extra postage! However, some may not be! :/ (Salamence and Rayquaza I'm thinking won't be, and Corphish/Flygon will be cutting it close!) The shipping price covers up to 200g of items, so if you would like to add anything from my sales post please let me know BEFORE you send payment so I can update your total. Hope this all makes sense! Please message me if you have any questions! :)

Payment 2 can be found in the bright blue column here:

Please send payment to tashscarlet(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk and put your username and 'GA Payment 2' in the memo section.

Also these two keychains are still up for claims!

Plusle/Minun and Pikachu/Treecko are $5 each. The money raised will be used for shipping discounts for the participants! :)

Also my sales post is finally ready to reopen! I've added lots of new items! :) Here are some of them:
Please click the link here to go to it:
Tags: group auction, sales
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