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Pokecen Group Buy?

Hey guys! Rayquaza goods have come up finally and because I only want the strap with Rayquaza actually on it, anyone keen on the poncho-chus?

How many payments? 2. (One for the item) + (one for shipping to me+ shipping to you)
How long will it take to get to you/me? After the order is placed, it’ll take anywhere between two to three weeks to get to me. Then, depending on where you are in the world, another two weeks.
Are prices in Yen, USD or AUD? Payment 1 is in Yen. Payment 2 is in USD (Australian buyers are free to pay me in AUD, just lemme know in advance)
How do we pay? Paypal only!
When do I pay? Within 24 hours of my comment!
Where can you ship? Worldwide since these are only flats! Default shipping is in a bubblemailer via airmail.
Can I claim a full box? I can definitely organise that, but be aware shipping would start at $12USD for nonflats

Sales permission granted in April, 2012 by entirelycliched!
Feedback is here!

CLAIMS! 600yen each

Star Wand Pika:
Cloud Pika:
Roaring Pika: pikachux: 654 Yen
Rayquaza and Pikachu : raz2b : 654 Yen
Sky Pillar Pika
Running Pika: toketsuhana: 654 Yen
Shining Poncho Pika:

Whole Box: jadekitty777 : 4 398 Yen
Tags: group buy
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