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Custom commissions (free shipping)

Second lot of commissions is opening up, with five slots available!

Sales Permission granted on February 28th, 2016 by areica96
My feedback is here:

-All PKMNcollectors community rules apply
-Prices are in USD.

-I ship from a smoke-free home in WA, Australia. I have a dog, but he doesn’t come into contact with the plush/any of the materials.
-I don’t take responsibility for items once they have been posted.
-Paypal only
-Prices are totals, including paypal fees, material costs and shipping.
-Payment is due within 24 hours or negative feedback will be given.

Please do not haggle! Relative to the price of materials and labour, these are very cheap! I make them for enjoyment, but I don’t want to lose money by selling them!

I am open to trades, but don’t be offended if I decline your offer. Currently I am looking for: Eevee applause plush, Abra applause plush, bayleef paki-paki,cyndaquil kuttari. Show me what you got!

I’m always looking for new plush to make and new challenges. Feel free to make a request of a particular Pokemon

I am currently accepting five commissions. The first to commit to a slot gets it. Be clear when you are committing to an item (e.g. writing “I am committed to.”) You are limited to three items per slot.

Allow up to two months for the plush to be made and shipped. I will endeavour to get them finished as quick as I can, but sometimes life gets busy! I will ship within three days of completion (you will receive a photograph of the finished plush prior to postage). International shipping times may vary – be aware that shipping from Australia to overseas can often be very slow. (Last time shipping to the US took 6-10 days)

Please note that these are commissions – I do not have the plush in hand. Allow time for them to be made.

Please include the phrase ‘Mud Kaleidoscope’ in your comment so I know you have read the rules.

Slot 1: clair2522 1) meowth, laying 2) custom skuntank, laying, tie-dye

Slot 2:

Slot 3:

Slot 4:

Slot 5:

"Natu Sphere" $30 made with minky (can be made with open or closed eyes)

"Mareep Sphere" $30 made with minky (can also be made shiny, with a slightly different fabric)

"Sad Qwilfish" $30 made with minky (can also be made happy I guess...)
Qwilfish wants a hug, but he is too spiky.

"Tentacool Sphere" $20 made with minky
"Shuckle Sphere" $30 made with minky

"Sob-torb" $20 made with minky
Voltorb's trainer ordered it to self-destruct. Now it flinches every time it hears an explosion on TV.

Totodile $35 made with tie-dye minky

Manectric $35 made with tie-dye minky

Delcatty $35 made with minky

Meowth $35 made with minky

Furret $40 made with synthetic fur

Eelektrik $30 made with minky

Ekans $25 made with minky (comes in purple and tie-dye purple/blue)

Tentacool $32 made with tie-dye minky

Shiny Umbreon $35 made with tie-dye minky

Please refer to my previous post for a size guide:

Please check our my deviant art for more examples:

Works in progress:

Big works in progress:

(kuttari for scale)

Just for fun, what pokemon do you want to see a kuttari of?

Who should get a kuttari?


Have a great day :)
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