princess_snivy (princess_snivy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokebox Doujin Plush Update- Typhlosion Back in Stock!

Hey friends! <3

Last night I saw everyone talking on the thread below about how they were having difficulties purchasing Typhlosion Pokebox plush. I've always dreamed of having a plush of Typhlosion since I was a kid, so I was also upset when I discovered there was an issue with the stock. I emailed Pokebox last night and just received this reply:

SO YES, they added some back in stock! I managed to grab one as soon as I saw this and a friend's tweet on Twitter! If you have been trying to get one of these as well, now's your chance! The Furret and Milotic are also still in stock, and at only $18 a piece, it's worth getting any of them!

Hope this helps!

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