Sarah Ciraulo (crashdiamond182) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sarah Ciraulo

Lots of gets + Grail Get + a question. (Very image heavy.)

So the mailman delivered THREE packages to me today. Three. And I also have some gets from last week that were too small to post about. So here we go! The goods will be under the cut! Thanks to serpifeu, polahbear, and any other sellers I forgot to mention!

So here are some flats my sister got. German lamencards, a little Luvdisc coin/poker chip thingy, and some various freebie flats from sellers.

And my sister also bought these adorable little diorama figures off of eBay, mainly for the Ditto Pudding. Eventually when I get sales permission, we might sell the Santa Jinx. (Any info on them would be fantastic, like prices and whatnot.)

And this precious little Ditto Keychain from eledora! :)

First things first, I got a Regice, Regigigas, and Registeel kid. Look at those cute little flippers. Also got a neat little magnet, a Regice poker chip, and a Poliwhirl MegaBlock. And a little freebie Palkia sticker c:

And a Regigigas Pokedoll! I got this little booger for a freakin' steal! And I'm not sure what kinda plush this Petilil is. *shrugs*

Happy family. <3

And finally, a huuuuuuge grail get! I've been hunting down this fella for quite some time and I'm super happy that he finally came in the mail today. Behold~

Mr. Stunfisk cushion! Regigigas Pokedoll used for size comparison. I don't know this guy's exact dimensions, but he's at least 15 inches of pure happiness. I couldn't be happier. <3

And really quick, does anyone have any info on this adorable little Ditto diorama? I'm looking to buy one of these little guys. :) Also looking for other diorama figures, but this guy is top priority.

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