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Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

Another Secret Swap Present Has Arrived!

Hi guys <3 About a week ago I came home to open a huuuge box sent by the amazing starrypurrloin from the gift exchange I hosted! Check out what was inside under the cut~


So my memory is a little fuzzy on the order of what I opened since I took all the pictures afterwards, but I do remember that the very first thing was this...


A 20 Anniversary Jirachi plush!! I've seen these little plush in stores and have always thought they were adorable, but since I no longer collect plush I haven't gotten any for myself. When I saw Jirachi here I was so happy I had an excuse to own one <3 Thank you Nat!! After Jirachi, I also found a Sceptile figure, Sceptile mega stone, and Celebi Jakks figure. I've wanted that mega stone FOREVER- I'm gonna put it with my Mega Sceptile Tomy plush that is currently missing one lol. And I didn't even know there was a Celebi Jakks figure! It's a great addition to my Celebi collection, as is the Sceptile Tomy to my Sceptile collection lol.


Next up I found all these flats of Pokemon and humans I collect :D I love the (almost) Hoenn theme in this package. It's my favorite region and holds a good lot of my favorite Pokemon <3 I also don't have any of these pages, so these were great little additions to my collection too!


Next up, stickers and a poster. I seriously can't thank you enough for every little detail that went into this Nat, I can tell from each part of the gift that you really planned and thought it all out <3 I haven't figured out where I'm gonna stick these yet, but I'll find a place for them asap lol.


Next I opened a TCG packet (I was so psyched when I saw it haha) and got all these amazing cards! I don't have a good portion of them, and the Meganium and Break are super super cool. Right after this I opened a box of Dove chocolate, but I forgot to photograph them (probably because I shamelessly ate them all within a few days..)


Then I found books :D These Pokemon books meant for little kids are a guilty pleasure of mine. I dropped everything and found all the Pokemon in the "Find Pokemon" book right after I finished opening the package haha. I remember wanting this book when I was a little kid... someone had it (I think it was a library?) and I considered stealing it. I didn't end up doing that and got it in the end anyway, so thanks for that xD


And lastly, I found all these little things ;w; It was a real highlight of the gift! The patches are super cool- I've never owned any so I still need to figure out what to do with them. I may just leave them as flats in my collection for now lol. The coins and pins are all awesome to look at, and the doggy themed bandana is absolutely adorable. I'm probably gonna put it on one of my Mightyena plush. It'll definitely make them look less threatening haha!

Again, thank you SO much starrypurrloin <333 I loved doing the exchange with you and I hope you'll participate in future ones with me as well!

(And I apologize for any strange spelling or grammar issues- I'm pretty worn out right now. I'll double check and edit tomorrow but hopefully it's nothing too bad in that meantime haha)

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