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✿ HUGE Collection Auctions & Sales! Ziggu Is Retiring! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG
Yep you read that right! I am retiring entirely from collecting! It's been looming in for a few months now, and my recent vacation gave me a chance to clear my mind and make the decision for real!
I'm actually really excited about it! I won my very last grail from riolu's offers yesterday, and i'm so excited!!! I'm keeping my grails and top favorite items of course, but everything else can be found in my sales below!
Here is what my collection looks like now:

As you can see most of my custom plush aren't on display, however im not ready to sell them yet, if at all. They mean a great deal to me so ive put them away until i move out and have more display space.
As some of you know, i live in a very small attic room, so now clearing all that space out feels really good and i'm so happy to just be able to look at my favorites and not feel overwhelmed!
OH BTW this doesn't mean i'm completely leaving the comm!! I will still be poking around to see your collections and stuff, just won't be buying anything! :D Don't go thinking you've gotten rid of me just yet heheheh! >:D

Alsoooo!! I'm still going to update my website! I have a few things to add to it. But the big thing is that my "Wish List" has now been converted to an "Unobtained Items" List! Since i am no longer looking for them, i decided to keep the list up and will continue to add to that list when zigzagoon or linoone items pop up that we didn't know existed! I want to do this so that future zigzagoon or linoone collectors will have a list to reference from! <3 Here is the list!

So most of my collection is up for auction and sale! There are some rare plush like the kutakutas, jigglypuff pokedoll, bidoof pokedoll, some slurpuff/swirlix stuff, and more!! Also if you collect any pokemon from the 3rd Generation, i'll bet you'll find a ton of stuff here!! :D
Click on the banner to go!
Small preview:

I can only post the 4 images, but there are literally TONS of things!! Please go check it out! All of the money made will help me to pay for the clear zig kid <333

~ Thank you all for looking! Until next time! <3
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